Imagine staying at the ornithological reserve in the heart of Lake Vrana Park and Nature Reserve, which contains the largest natural lake in Croatia. The Romans used to pump its water into the ancient city of Zadar. But that’s another story.

Partly due to the low, somewhat swamplands in its fertile valley, the coastal region of Croatia has attracted a great number of varied Mediterranean bird types, and has evolved into a very interesting meeting point for bird watching enthusiasts, not to mention nature lovers in general. This ecologically protected right along the coast is especially fascinating, and for this reason, we have included it as an option on the menu of guided programs! You may begin your visit from any of the park entrances. If you want to come for a daily excursion contact us for a price quote for a custom-made guided excursion of your preference.

Duration: 7 days

Period: April, May and September

Groups: 1 to 6 persons

Accommodations: accommodations within the bird observatory

Languages: Croatian, English and German

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