If you are lucky enough to reside on the coast, living in harmony with nature you’ve probably had the opportunity to taste the traditionally prepared fish of this area. We know how to catch tuna, using longline gear and with night fishing – this is how we have done it for centuries. This excursion will teach you new methods or help you polish up the old ones, enabling you the chance to savor each mouthful of your freshly-prepared seafood meal of fish or any of the other “fruits of the sea” caught by your own nets! This program takes place on Pašman Island, just in front of Biograd, which is the ideal location for all water sports and natural activities such as biking, sailing, diving with or without diving gear, and long-distance trekking.

Duration: 3 + days

Period: January – December (year-round)

Groups: 2 to 8 persons

Accommodations: A house situated in nature, on the seashore

Languages: Croatian, English and German

Additional Info

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