Bicycles are well-known for providing its rider the freedom to accumulate original, heartfelt experiences, as freely chosen by you, the rider, in your spontaneous enjoyment of the panoramic views which are particularly characteristic of these excursions. Diversified by different levels of physical conditioning, each of the bike tours has its own special attraction, guaranteed to remain in your memory forever.

Each bike trip takes place at a different location. Choose between the rustically attractive island of Pašman, poetic Lake Vrana Natural Reserve, dramatic Paklenica National Park, Krk National Park which is well-known for its waterfalls, and the pristine Zrmanja River. You may opt to rent a bike, or use your own equipment. Your guide completed bike-touring training at the prestigious school for MTB guiding and is a proud Swiss Cycling Guide.

Duration: 1 day (24 – 56 km)

Period: April - June and September - November

Groups: 4 - 8 persons

Languages: Croatian, English and German

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