- Hedonism my way

Treat yourself to a much-needed escape from the stress and strain of modern daily life. Instead, choose to recharge your batteries and lose yourself, setting sail into the Pašman canal, into unexplored territory touring the islands and bumpy reefs along with way, until you reach the very end, at Kravljačić cove, nestled in the most attractive part of the Kornati Island.

Your journey begins at Pašman Island, where you’ll set sail, passing the yellow islands on the way to the Kornati’s, enjoying the invigorating scent of sea, wind, sun and Mediterranean herbal vegetation. Breathe deeply! You will also enjoy lovingly prepared meals showcasing our qualitative gastronomical and cultural winemaking knowledge, carefully handed down for centuries. Dalmatian cooking has an innate healthy but almost forbidden charm, in the culinary combinations of fish stew and domestic olive oil, a mixture of crab and shellfish, barbecued fish, thinly sliced and savory Dalmatian ham and cheeses, all of which are accompanied by intoxicating sips of wine and brandy – prepared in the domestic way, of course.

Experience the romantic nostalgia of a day at sea, comfortably situated on the deck, absorbing the ambiance of it all during the long and warm summer nights.


Day 1: Sailing in the Pašman canal

Day 2: Touring around the yellow islands and the Kornati islands

Duration: 7 + days

Period: May to October

Groups: 8 - 20 persons

Languages: English, Italian and German

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