Discover the secrets hiding below the surface through an illuminating diving vacation in Biograd. Believe it or not, there are shipwrecks, caves, rocky reefs, coral and many types of fishes, sea anemone and sponges. We show you over 20 exceptionally beautiful locations which naturally includes the Kornati Islands, a well-known national park consisting of a clustering of islands just west of the Biograd shore. Natural wonders abound, and your excursion begins with a navigated excursion to the diving sites at ideally chosen locations. This packet is offered in 5 and 10-day options, with the opportunity of realizing a truly memorable diving holiday experience, ideally located in the coastal waters just beyond Biograd.

In our area, the central Adriatic, the sea visibility is more than 40m, with minimal tide of only half a meter. The wave height ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 meters, with a typically weak current. These are ideal conditions for all types of divers, ranging from expert (who can present their diving licenses) as well as for first-time beginners, including even the most basic diver who simply knows how to hold their breath. A simply unforgettable experience awaits you, expertly lead by a certified diving master.

Duration: 1 - 10 days

Period: May - November

Groups: 1 to 8 persons

Accommodation: Private accommodations and Hotel accommodation

Languages: Croatian, English and German

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