- A rhapsody in miniature

Come investigate Pustograd, a military fortress from the 6th century, the seminary of St. Cosmo and Damian at Ćokovac dating back to 1059, as well as the Ugrinić castle, the remains of the Šubić nobles who ruled during the 16th century, as well as the church, Our Lady of Seven Sorrows.

If you love Dalmatia, there’s something inexplicable about her island charm. Here, the invigorating spirit of the island population will teach you the elementary basics on how to savor life. Highly recommended for anyone who want to bring a little bit of the Mediterranean back home with them. You will see for yourself – it happens slowly - a subtle merging of one’s soul with the historical rhapsody and the surrounding culture. Pašman is the ideal place to experience this transformation. Car(e)-free, Pašman is the second largest of all the islands along the Zadar shoreline, and Tkon is its central hub. Here, we will guide you back in time, to a place known for its intensely natural beauty, for its salt, stone structures, medicinal and aromatic vegetation.

Remnants of hand-made drywall construction attest to its rich past, and to this day, these structures retain the cellular DNA structure of Croatian peasants and fishermen who built them, along with their wives, with determination and their bare hands.

This three-day program with accommodations and activities includes:

Day 1: Arrival + half day tour of Pustograd

Day 2: Investigate the southern side of the island

Day 3: Tour the historical sites in and around Tkon

Number of days: 1 - 3

Period: January – December (year-round)

Groups: Up to 20 persons

Languages: English, Italian, German and Czech

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