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It is fast and easy to come to Biograd, with a variety of options to choose from - auto, autobus, airplane, ferry or by rail. Thanks to its centralized location along the Adriatic coastline, Biograd is conveniently accessible with the other parts of Croatia and the world. Only 30 km separate it from Zadar, one of the largest cities on the coast which is easy to reach by land, sea and air. It has an excellent traffic infrastructure, which is directly connected to the remaining larger cities in the Republic of Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, and Osijek.

By plane

If you wish a fast and simple trip to Biograd, we recommend air travel because Zadar airport can be found only 30 km away from Zadar.

Located in Zemunik Donjem, in close proximity to the Zagreb-Split Superhighway (Zadar 2 junction), approximately 8 km from the center of Zadar. Zadar is connected by domestic flights from Zagreb and Pula as well as a large number of European destinations. Other destinations are accessible through the Zagreb airport, which is the capital city of Croatia with its network of international air traffic.

Zračna luka Zadar/Zemunik = 20 km, Zračna luka Split = 120 km

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By bus

If you are arriving by bus, you will need to be familiar with the bus stations in Zadar and in Biograd.

The Biograd Bus station can be easily found in the center of town. Buses run regularly from Biograd to Šibenik and to Zadar, and direct buses routes exist from Biograd to faraway destinations, such as Zagreb and Split.

Once you arrive in the Zadar airport and need to find transport to Biograd na more, first you must ride the Zadar airport bus to the Zadar bus station whereby you can easily connect to a bus traveling to Biograd na moru. Zadar, and in fact all of Croatia, is very well connected by bus lines to Croatian cities and many European destinations.

By car

Biograd is located only 30 km from one of our largest cities on the seaside, Zadar, which is well-connected with the rest of Europe.

Zadar is directly connected with Zagreb and the remaining Croatian cities via the A1 auto-highway which easily merges into the European highway network system.

Your arrival into Zadar is exceptionally simple and fast: from Zagreb to Zadar, you will need less than 3 hours of pleasant driving.

By Ferry

You may sail to and from Biograd by ferry from Ancona to Zadar, and there is a local connecting ferry between Biograd and the island of Pašman (Tkon).

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