Biograd proudly offers a wide selection of accommodation options, leaving it up to you do decide which one suits you best! You can choose between a bungalow in a fragrant Mediterranean village, numerous rooms and apartments in private homes, or among several, approximately ten, Biograd hotels. In Biograd you’ll find luxury villas with a seas view, or try charmingly relaxed vacation in camps and hostels. And if you fancy a place which has everything is at your fingertips, select for tourist settlement Crvena luka (Red Harbor)!

Carefree relaxation


Did you know that the first hotel built in Biograd a long time ago, way back in 1935? From that time until now, Biograd has become well-known for its hotels from which the majority can be found close to both the center of town, as well as in close proximity to a beautiful beach. And while they are enhanced by a lovely sports terrain, swimming pools, greenbelt areas, palm trees and flowers, you can find within you, within contemporarily equipped rooms, many activities for fun and relaxation.


Domestic atmosphere

Private accommodation

Awakening with a sea view and delicious, domestic food? If you are looking for a true Mediterranean experience in private accommodation, the options in Biograd are truly great. We are proud to offer more than 600 registered rentals, including villas, apartments, private rooms, studios- all which can be found in the proximity of the long, Biograd sandy beaches and turquoise sea. Choose your accommodation and host for an unforgettable Mediterranean vacation.


Beauty of nature


Perhaps you best unwind when you are completely surrounded by nature? Immerse yourself in every shade of blue and green, choose in the immediate vicinity of the sea and cool, shady pine trees in some of Biograd’s camp sites. All ages will find their niche, because the camps are fully facilitated with numerous sports playing fields and a wide variety of possibilities for an active vacation, in order to fulfill the dreams for all who truly enjoy the camping experience.


Mediterranean village San Antonio

Nearly 70 harmonious stone-walled bungalows situated in the pine forest consisting of a Mediterranean village in which you can easily absorb the pleasures of the Mediterranean. Located only 200 m from the sea and only a five-minute walk from center, a full array of hospitality awaits you. The restaurant of this Mediterranean village features a large outdoor barbecue grill, ideal for its aromatic fish dinners in which you can truly enjoy yourself in the open, under the starry skies on warm, summer nights!

Put Soline 49,
Biograd na Moru,
Tel: +385(0)91 284 9152

Spacious villas

Crvena luka “Red Harbor”

This prime, heavenly tourist settlement can be found in the immediate area right next to Biograd. Its name is Crvena Luka, and inside it, you are “anchored” beside the sea with 40 plus rooms with three exclusive villas. Situated only 10 m from the sea, these modern, spacious villas with glass paned verandas shall ensure your viewing enjoyment at any time of day or night.

Crvena Luka 1,
Biograd Na Moru,
Tel: +385 (0)23 383 640

An Even Better Holiday


Biograd and its charming beauty may be discovered by following your own, adventurous instinct, but you can also place your trust in one of our agencies. Fill the days of your vacation with many interesting things to do and unforgettable excursions based on the suggestions of friendly and knowledgeable agency employees, truly they have a wealth of ideas and inside tips for you!