Telašćica nature reserve

The Telašćica Nature Reserve will win you over with its array of extreme opposites to the extent that for this reason alone, you might just want to go there right now for an unforgettable excursion! The beautiful coves of Telašćica, with its serenely quiet and peaceful beaches, wild and rigid cliffs, rich forests and stark rock formations, tended fields, vineyards and olive groves besides a salt-water lake, may all be found in the same location!

If we could narrow it down, there are three fundamental sites which are the highlights of the area: The simplicity of the  Telašćica beaches, as the most secure, most beautiful and largest natural harbors in existence on the Adriatic Sea, which consist of 25 small beach-coves; the steep rocky slopes of Dugi Otok (nicknamed “rocks“, which rise up to 161 meters from under the sea with a gradual decline to 90 m, and, last but not least, the saltwater Lake “Mir” (“Peace”) with its medicinal properties.

Among the islands, Katina is the most picturesque, and the most unusual is definitely Taljurić. It is surrounded by farmed meadows, on a hillside rich in Mediterranean vegetation containing about 500 types of plants and an equally rich array of fauna. The undersea environment boasts inhabitation of no less than 300 vegetation and 300 animal types. Since Telašćica was abandoned long ago, remains of the ancient Roman settlement can be uncovered at Mali Proversi. Numerous pre-Romance churches still stand, include the church of St. Ivan at Stivanja polje.

Finally, these shores also attest to being the birthplace of the Croatian fishing industry, verified by the discovery of angling texts written at the end of the tenth century. There are several attractive diving spots near to cliffs. A walk to these interesting sites, with a spectacular view from the Grpašćak vista point, is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.