Biograd Region

Island Pašman

Island of many small secrets

Pašman is an island which holds many small secrets, and the most special of all of them is – it has an island in the shape of a heart! This nearby, small island of Galešnjak is one of only three islands in the entire world whose shape resembles a heart and the only one which never, ever changes its form. If you decide to go in search of Galešnjak and the other wonders of Pašman, be aware that the Pašman canal contains one of the strongest sea currents in all of Dalmatia. This is the exact reason why the sea in this canal is so clean and clear. Follow it until you come to an island which will – in a moment! – slows down the tempo of modern life, plunging your senses into Mediterranean peace and serenity. The Pašman beaches are for the most part sandy, and the southern side of Pašman will astonish you with its primordial beauty. Search for her numerous, hidden coves, solitary stone houses, olive groves and majestic views filled with many nuances of blue sea, scattered with a decoration of isles and islands. At Pašman’s highest point, Veliki Bokolj (272 m) you’ll find a stone-encased vista point, which can be reached on foot or by bicycle, and your reward will be the enchanted view of the Kornati Islands. Don’t forget to investigate Pašman’s history! In the photogenic locations of Pašman, Ždrelac, Tkon, Neviđane and Mrljan, discover a number of churches dating back to the Middle Ages. When it comes to sacramental cultural monuments, two island seminaries particularly stand out: the Franciscan seminary of St. Dujam at the edge of town, and the Benedictine seminary of St. Kuzma and Damian on Ćokovac mountain.

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