Biograd Region


Dalmatian charm

While investigating the area immediately outside of Biograd, between the salty Adriatic Sea and the sweet waters of Lake Vrana, you will find yourself in Pakoštane. The Dalmatian charm of this small community is complemented by three special isles. The isle of St. Justin can be recognized by its small church, Veliki Škoj by its cross, and Babuljaš by the green color of its Mediterranean trees. Your arrival in Pakoštane will inspire you to visit the truly unusual island known as Vrgada. Yellowish-golden-colored sand is its most enduring feature, as well as the most distinctive natural ornamentation of Vrgada. Lack of automobiles is alone a worthy reason to visit in search of enjoyment and repose. Wafting fragrances will lure you to a tiny spot on the map known as Drage with its natural coves, where broom flowers (brnistra) and a multitude of essential oil producing plants flourish, providing the basis for domestically crafted honeys and liqueurs. Fig trees squeezed alongside old stone houses on humble parcel plots are scenes taken from a real-life, authentic Mediterranean postcard!

Pakoštane Tourist board
+385 23 381 892
+385 23 381 608
Ulica kraljice Jelene 78,
23211 Pakoštane, Croatia