Aquatic conditions in the Biograd city area are in fact ideal for all diving enthusiasts, both professionals and those who are taking their first steps in investigating the sea’s depths. This area is the desired destination for numerous experienced divers in this area, thanks to exceptionally distinct undersea and natural phenomena.

The northern Dalmatian aqua, where Biograd is located, includes the area around islands Pag, and, by way of Premuda island, Ista, Molata, Silba, Dugi Otok, Ugljan and Pašman, and on the southern portion includes the Kornati archipelago. The external side of the island is most usually the deepest, and those depths sometimes exceed 50 meters – the external coastal shelf of Dugi Otok and Kornati reach depths beyond 80 meters! – home to a lush, rarely encountered plant and animal world. The inland side of the island is usually shallower and somewhat less impressive, but even this can be exceptionally interesting.

Special aquatic zones are those which, under all types of weather conditions, including places protected from winds and waves where you can dive freely, and where the transparency of the sea gives the diver views to the underwater world below of up to 40 meters in depth. Likewise, this area is abundant with numerous sunken walls, reefs, and caves overflowing with schools of fish, so that photo-safari enthusiasts will have “so much photography, so little time”! Within the natural reserve Telašćica and the Kornati National Park, you’ll need a special diving license and we advise that you don’t dive alone in this particular diving area. You’ll do well to go with an experienced diving expert who is familiar with the terrain. It goes without saying that such locations not well-suited for beginning divers.