Fans of sport and recreational fishing, be it sweet water or seawater, will be in their element in Biograd! In the hinterland behind Biograd, only five kilometers away, stretches out Lake Vrana, one of Croatia’s largest lakes and nature reserve. Believe it or not, this otherwise sweet water lake contains both salt water and sweet water types of fish! The sweet water types include the eel, river baboon, carp, Prussian fish, roach, catfish, pike and mosquito fish, while of the saltwater variety, the most accessible are the mullets. You will need to obtain a fishing license, and since this is a natural reserve, night fishing is forbidden.

Among the best locations for fishing are at the canal adjacent to the nearby camping sites, and at Prosika, the canal which adjoins the lake with the sea. A small harbor has been created, as well as an information center for its visitors. Fishing enthusiasts may choose between so-called angling (i.e. fishing with tackle, a hook and a rod) or underwater fishing. Sports-recreational fishing may be conducted anywhere in the Biograd area with the appropriate license, barring any seasonal limitations that may exist, such as no fishing on the beaches, in the harbor and in the ports. The same is true for neighboring islands and tiny isles which do not enter into special eco-protection zones, like the national parks and natural reserve areas.

At Kornati National Park (NP Kornati) new laws are coming into effect which will not allow recreational fishing, except by the local residency, and even then, under controlled conditions. However, there are many islands and tiny isles in the sea of this most numerous archipelago. Here, you’ll find fish in abundance – sea bream, bonito, dentex, troll, sea bass, cuttlefish, squid, octopus and much more. Just pay attention to the types of fish you are catching. Early morning is the best time for fishing due to low winds, and for this reason, many fishermen get up before dawn and take their boats out on the sea in high hopes of scoring a good catch!