Semi submarine

The semi-submarine may look like a real submarine but it doesn’t submerge. This “mascot of the Biograd archipelago” is an excellent choice for families with small children, although it’s equally appealing to visitors of all ages.

The passengers can be accommodated in an underwater cabin with large clear glass windows through which they have an unforgettable view of the marine flora and fauna. On the other hand, the visitors seated on the deck can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pašman Channel and its archipelago. The offer includes day and night tours, a unique sunset tour and special tours for child groups. Night tours are especially favorable since they offer a remarkable insight into the mysterious night life of marine flora and fauna.

Day tours last for 45 min. and night 30 min. The semi-submarine is available from May to October and can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers.

BOOKING BIOGRAD: +385 (0) 99 564 0 664

BOOKING SV. FILIP I JAKOV: +385 (0) 99 563 88 91

Come and take a ride with the first Croatian semi-submarine!