Special Historic Dinners

The tumultuous past of Ravni Kotari, with its interlacing of venerable eastern and western influences, from the Republic of Venice to the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires, each left its mark on the local gastronomy and created wonderful local recipes and fantastic flavours.

We therefore invite you on a culinary time-travel experience, to a series of historical dinners that will, with their tastes, scents and ambiance, take you to a bygone, forgotten era.

We will take you back to the past through the ritual of preparing food in the same way and place our ancestors had done, in the historic ambiance of a 16th century tavern surrounded by olive and almond trees. This is the best starting point for you to discover the rhapsody of local Mediterranean flavours and enjoy the 700 years long tradition of Ražnjevića Dvori.

Available throughout the year, min. 6 persons (less than 6 persons - price for a person +20%)

Price: at request

Special offer:
100% discount for children 0 – 14 and one soft drink included.

Price of the menü includes: guided state tour, dinner, House wine red and white, water.

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