Kornati national Park

Islands often attract us with their magnetic solitude and fill us with a blessed sense of peacefulness. Imagine how you’ll feel when you navigate the Kornati Archipelago which consists of over 150 islands, tiny isles, and rocky landings? Kornati National Park can be found on the edge of Biograd, and makes up the greatest portion of the Kornati maritime zone, and thanks to its exceptional beauty, it’s inevitably become a natural attraction.

Besides sailing along among the islands, swimming in truly crystal-clear waters far from civilization provides an unforgettable encounter with nature at its most pristine. Swimming in the Kornati Islands requires no special permits, so, along the way, discover and observe the truly rich array of plant and animal life in the Kornati undersea world. 

Believe it or not, there are more than 850 types of live sea organisms in this region! At first glance, the land portion of the park may appear to be “half abandoned” while in fact, plenty of life is in fact camouflaged. In good time, the Kornati will in its grand fashion happily uncover its treasures to its patient explorers.  When you first head out in your exploration of the Kornati Islands, the sun will regularly and joyfully accompany you, since it shines between 2600 and 2700 hours per year, respectively a full 11 hours per day during the summer.

Seek out the numerous vista points in order to luxuriously relive the incredible sites and enrich your photo album filled with impressions to carry along with you after you leave. There’s proof positive of the successful coexistence of human beings with nature which managed to tame the “inhospitable” Kornati’s. Ports and houses, drywall construction, olive groves, docks, fortresses, a castle, chapels, saltworks, and ruins all provide remnants of an earlier civilization which are worthy of investigation.  Keep in mind that the land portion of the Kornati National Park remains in private ownership, with its administrative seat in the town of Murter which can be found on a neighboring island of the same name, so, when you set out on foot to investigate the area, be sure to be a good and attentive guest.



Source: www.np-kornati.hr