Lake Vrana nature reserve

Do you love fishing and bicycling? Or do you prefer birdwatching and walking alongside the lakeside? All of this is only a few kilometers away from Biograd, where you’ll find a fascinating natural park with a freshwater lake as a delightful decoration to the Mediterranean climate. Lake Vrana is Croatia’s largest natural lake and one of the largest swamp areas in the Mediterranean portion of Croatia.

This combination of attributes attracts sport fishermen and bicyclists. A limestone ridge divides this inland area from the coast, and rarely will you come across such a variation in water types within such close proximity. Here, many endangered bird species have found their sanctuary, and approximately 100,000 water birds have adopted Lake Vrana as their winter home. All seasons of the year are viable for bird watching, but the most fascinating are Spring and Summer thanks to the large number of bird types and wide array of colors to observe in their natural environment.

Early morning and dusk provide enthusiasts a greater chance of encountering members of the rarer bird types.  As far as fishing is concerned, be aware that no fishing is allowed in the ornithological reserve, and that the endangered eel is strictly protected.  By all means, inform yourself before you come via the Lake Vrana Nature Reserve website for important information regarding your visit, including a list of all types of bird species that may be found here!