Black Cuttlefish Risotto



  • 1 kg cuttlefish
  • 250 g rice
  • 1 dl olive oil
  • 60 g canned pelati tomatoes or tomato paste
  • 200 g red onions
  • 20 g garlic
  • parsley, pepper, salt



Rinse and dry cuttlefish. Remove and discard the dark skin and cuttle bone, and carefully remove the ink sack, reserving it for later.

Cut the cuttlefish into small pieces.

Add oil to a heated pan, and cook the thinly chopped onion, parsley, garlic and cuttlefish, sprinkling everything with salt.

Sauté for a little while before adding tomatoes and covering with water. Let simmer until the cuttlefish softens.

Add rice and enough water or fish stock to cover the rice, occasionally stirring until the rice is al dente.

When the dish is almost cooked, add the ink from the ink sack and stir well to blend flavours. Let the dish cook a little longer before turning off heat.

If you want, before adding the rice you can pour some wine or prosecco into the dish.